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Zcash and Chia - Full Node Wallets on Proxmox VMs

I setup a Zcash and Chia wallets and full nodes on Proxmox virtual machines. I set these up purely for testing to get the nodes working and look at things like performance. I gave each VM a single core and 1GB of RAM. Since these are running with a GUI I probably should have give them more cores. The proxmox instance that I used for these is running on a quad core Mac Mini with 8 GB of RAM which doesn’t give me a lot of cores to work with. Resources are kind of tight and I really would be better off running these on more powerful hardware. The Mac Minis are great for testing small things in a lab but are really limited when it comes to sharing full workloads like this.

Here is the video reviewing these:

I installed these on Ubuntu server with a light version of the XFCE desktop.

The desktop on both of these machines was running VERY slowly. It was laggy before setting up the crypto software. After starting up the nodes the desktops started becomming really unresponsive.

Here are my pages describing the full node / wallet setup:


Chia is a crypto currency for which mining is done a bit differently. Instead of using processing power it is based on how much hard disk space can be allocated to it. The process of Chia farming is reffered to as “farming”. This makes Chia somewhat uniqe.

This is my Chia full node wallet video:


Zcash is a crypto currency. It is based on Bitcoin and has much in common but it is privacy oriented. Zcash coins can be either in a trasnparent pool or a shielded pool. Transactions can be either transparent or shielded. Transparent means that they would be visable to everyone, kind of like Bitcoin. Shielded means that they would be anonymous.

This is my Zcash full node wallet video: