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Assembly Language for Intel Based Computers

This book is great. This is what I used to learn assembly language back when I was in school. Personally, I would view this as the book for learning assembly language. This was actually the third eddition of the book. It included information on 16 and 32 bit assembly. These days there is an 8th eddtion of the book available that includes 64 bit assembly.

assembly language for intel based computers front

Be careful when picking out an eddtion and buying this. Make sure you aren’t paying a crazy high price ( some are listed very high ). Also, make sure you are getting the actual book. Some listings are just for an access code that gives you electronic access but requires you to actually be enrolled in a course to access it even if you bought it. I actually didn’t find the hard copy of the 8th edition.

Here are some links to different editions:

Also worth keeping in mind is that these days, even when working on Intel based hardware, you may find yourself working with different tools and different syntax. That said, other architectures are becomming more and more popular these days. You may want to learn with ARM assembly since these processors are becoming extremely popular these days. Raspberry Pis and other single board computers use ARM as well as many smart phones and tablets. Apple is going to be building all of their new Macs with ARM procesors very soon.

Why learn assembly language?

Does anyone really use this skill?

Yes, it is useful for all sorts of things. Here is a quick list of things that you might want a background in assembly for:

Here is a video where I talk about the book:

Here is a view of the book from the side:

assembly language for intel based computers side

Here is the back of the book with a bit of a description:

assembly language for intel based computers back1

Here is the tag with the ISBN:

assembly language for intel based computers back2

As you can see it includes the MASM assembler:

assembly language for intel based computers masm

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