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Linux Command - info

The Linux info command provides documentation for commands. It is similar but different from the man command. The info command allows you to view documentation in the info format. These are structured, contain hyperlinks, and contain a huge amout of detail. The info command has a lot of fuctionality.

Some people don’t like the info command for various reasons but I think that it is an important tool to have.

Here are a couple quotes from Reddit, not sure the original source:

Just enter the basic interface ( showing help for commands and navigation ):


Few commands ( there are many more ):

q quit
H list all info commands ( navigation and stuff )
h start info tutorial
tab skip to next link
return follow link
Up Move up one line.
Down Move down one line.
PgUp Scroll backward one screenful.
PgDn Scroll forward one screenful.
Home Go to the beginning of this node.
End Go to the end of this node.
[ Go to the previous node in the document.
] Go to the next node in the document.
p Go to the previous node on this level.
n Go to the next node on this level.
u Go up one level.
t Go to the top node of this document.
d Go to the main ‘directory’ node.
/ regex search

Check the documentation for the ls command:

info ls