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Home Lab

Home Lab 1

I have a modest home lab that I’ve been using and maintaining for a while now. It is one segment of my home network. The NAS is used to store all of my videos, pictures, git repos, Linux ISOs, and more.

My lab includes:

NOTE - I have offsite NAS backups in the cloud using Backblaze.

On this page I’m including some of the videos related to my home lab and some of the equipment in it.

New overview of my home lab for January 2022:

Super Messy Home Lab - Tech - Junk Closet

( few months back )

Raspberry Pi Firewall and Router with DF Robot Dual NIC

OLD Raspberry Pi Firewall / Router

Raspberry Pi - DNS and DHCP Server

Proxmox Cluster - Basic Setup

Proxmox Install on a Mac Mini - A1347

VMware ESXi Install on a Mac Mini - A1347

Create a Bootable VMware ESXi USB Flash Drive Installer

Primary NAS - Replacing Thermal Paste

Backup NAS - Replacing Thermal Paste