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What is a Threadripper for?

A Threadripper is for situations where you need very high performance. These can include:

You can do most of the above things without a thread ripper but it will give you a huge advantage. Things will be sped up a lot.

Gaming is probably the first thing that comes to mind. The Threadripper will certainly give you an excellent performance boost but it is most likely overkill in most if not all situations. You would be better off focusing on other improvements like making sure that you have the best GPU before you max out your CPU.

It could give you an advantage during streaming and potentially help to avoid lag while attempting to game and stream at the same time.

Video editing is a good solid reason to have a thread ripper. While you don’t really need it to edit videos your render times can be increased quite a bit. The real question is how important it is to be able to render quickly. If you are a hobbyist or home user the advantage is going to be convenience and not having to wait as long for rendering to complete. If you are a professional you will more likely have a good business justification to buy a better processor. Being able to render videos faster means that you will be able to meet customer deadlines. It also means that you won’t be stuck waiting as long before being able to start rendering the next video. When your purpose is to make money it can be a good idea to invest a bit more to help yourself do that.

3D rendering can be a seriously intensive task that absolutely needs benefits from having more powerful hardware. Depending on your workload and how much you need to get done, it might make a lot of sense to invest in a threadripper.

Virtualization is a great use case for a powerful, multithreaded CPU. The more cores you have the more cores can be allocated to VMs. This means that you can run more VMs in parallel with actual load. Whether you are doing this in production or for testing it can give you a huge advantage.