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AutoSys Job Status Codes

There are a number of different states that a job can be in and they are all represented by status codes. Here is a list of job status codes with descriptions. Hopefully this makes things easier for someone.

ST STARTING Starting up, will be running soon.
RU RUNNING Currently running ( doing work )
IN INACTIVE Not running…
AC ACTIVATED Top level box job that contains this job is running but the job isn’t running yet.
SU SUCCESS Completed running without an error.
FA FAILURE It failed. Something went wrong.
TE TERMINATED Job was killed by an outside force ( user killed it or server itself failed )
RE RESTART Couldn’t start due to issues but is scheduled to restart.
QU QUE_WAIT Ready to run but not resources available.
OH ON HOLD Job is disabled. Will run when it leaves this state if conditions are met.
OI ON ICE Job is disabled. Won’t run when unfrozen until the NEXT time conditions are met.