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Windows Update

Windows Update is by far one of the single biggest problems with Windows 10 and 11.

This is a huge selling point for MacOS and Linux ( or even ChromeOS ).

People can’t rely on their Windows systems. You can’t rely on your system being ready to use when you need it.

A problem if you need to login to do something really quick such as:

Microsoft is really shooting themselves in the foot making their operating system less usable. It seems like Microsoft cares less and less about being user friendly and providing a good user experience.

Problems with Windows update:

I’m not an MS hater and I actually think Windows 11 is pretty nice. I also liked the menu on Windows 10 if you can believe that. It wasn’t perfect and didn’t live up to it’s potential but it was pretty neat. These days ( 2023 ) Windows is still the top choice for gaming but Linux is catching up FAST especially with all of the work on SteamOS. The install process on most Linux distos is already easier than installing Windows ( Ubuntu/Fedora, not Arch or Gentoo ).