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10gb Network Card for Synology

Author: Petar Petrov

We will start our article about “10Gb network card for Synology” by giving some information first. Synology is a company that produces network storage devices used in homes and offices. It has two main products: Disk Station Manager (DSM) and Synology NAS. The former is a type of PC that runs the Disk Station Manager operating system, whereas the latter refers to an external hard drive that can be installed with DSM.

The NAS, which stands for Network Attached Storage, has two major components: disk drives and network cards. The disks are composed of magnetic or solid-state drives used for storing data, while the network card facilitates communication with other devices or networks through Ethernet ports. A NAS is typically installed in an office or home environment to act as a data storage system. It consists of one or more hard drives and the necessary hardware, software, and firmware for connecting these drives to the network. The NAS allows you to share your data across multiple operating systems and platforms without any need for reformatting the data for use on each machine.

The Synology NAS has been designed with 10 Gb networks in mind because it can support up to 127 devices that are connected via Ethernet cable simultaneously, providing the best possible performance. And as you already know, an Ethernet cable needs to connect to a network card. There are different features provided by these cards, but let’s just look at some of the most important ones: throughput speed and the number of ports. Here is a moment to say that the network cards you use for PCs are different and thus can’t be used on NAS. It doesn’t work, and contrarily, because of this reason, you have to check the compatibility and make sure the network card you pick will work with Synology.

It’s time to list some 10Gb network cards compatible with Synology

E10G18-T1 1-PORT CARD-Good example of a network card that runs on 2.5, 5, and 10Gbps, making it a good candidate for our list. It has 1 RJ-45 port and 4 PCI 3.0 ports. The price is in a comfortable range of about $170. This card is compatible with:

Compatible Models:


If you think this is not enough for you, well, then go for its big brother. The E10G18-T2 2-PORT CARD supports 10Gpbs, no less than the previous version. To keep it short, we will say that it has everything the previous version does but x2. It now has two RJ-45 ports and eight PCIe 3.0 slots. The second version works with:

Compatible Models:


Looking for something a little bit different? Maybe one with SPF+ ports? We present you E10G21-F2. It’s a great Ethernet adapter that offers you 2 SPF+ ports, runs the 10G you need, and has 8 PCI ports at 3.0. This one is compatible with the following versions:

Compatible Models:

We have to say that the compatibility information is taken from the official site of Synology. Each model is compatible with specific products, and thus, if you pick a different network card, make sure to check first if it’s compatible with your Synology.

In conclusion, we can say that the Synology NAS is a great device that provides file storage and centralized data backup. It can be useful for small or big businesses and some enthusiasts with interesting hobbies.

This feature allows you to access your files from anywhere with an internet connection, and in times like this, when almost everything we do happens remotely, this feature can be of great help. The best thing about the Synology NAS is that you can install third-party plugins to extend its functionality even further. Although our article was brief, we hope it was helpful. We did tell you about Synology, what NAS is, and gave a few examples of good network cards that have great compatibility with the products. Thank you for reading!