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New Relic vs Datadog

Author: Petar Petrov


Here we go with our favorite Datadog (we are not biased). We have already done numerous articles like this and already know that this tool is for monitoring and analytics solutions for teams of various sizes.

Datadog features include functions like:

When it comes to pricing, Datadog offers three different pricing plans to suit different needs and can be adjusted;

New Relic

When it comes to product management, New Relic is the perfect tool. It can provide insights into what is happening at runtime. The company provides monitoring and analytics about the performance of your application 24/7. New Relic features- are divided into three categories:

First-line support:

New Relic provides first-line support to help you debug and resolve production issues, including installation, configuration, scaling, instrumentation, code optimization, and more. They also provide access to live customer support 24x7, so that you can get answers quickly when you have a question or issue with your application during runtime.

Application performance insights

This feature shows developers how their code is performing in production so that they can identify slow requests or bottlenecks that affect an app’s performance.

New Relic versus Datadog, a battle of opinions

Both New Relic and Datadog are quality-monitoring apps. The features of Datadog are more advanced than those of New Relic. But the pricing is higher.

Datadog is a more advanced app with a higher price tag. Its main focus is on availability, performance, and other critical metrics related to the infrastructure of your applications and services. It also offers a robust suite of deployed diagnostic tools that can be used to troubleshoot app-level problems in real-time.

New Relic is a more modern app with cheaper pricing plans and even a free version. It focuses on making insights from data easy to obtain and use by providing a lightweight monitoring agent that collects every transaction that happens in the stack, including MYSQL queries, Apache logs, and application logs in any language.


New Relic and Datadog are two popular tools. They are used for monitoring application performance, servers, and databases. In the article, we talked about the features they have, their price, and some of their good sides. Although the information we gave was brief, it should be enough to help you decide on a tool. Our advice to you is to decide which one is best for your needs. You can further check their respective websites for more detailed information. We hope our article was helpful to you. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and until the next one.