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iFixit Mako Driver Kit - Tweezers - Prying Tools

These are excellent little tool kits. The iFixit Mako Driver Kit is great for working on all sorts of devices including phones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, and more. The tools are high quality. This kit includes a large assortment of bits to open all sorts of devices with obscure bits. My only regret is not getting the larger set. I also bought a set of three tweezers and a set of prying tools. Another tool I picked up was the iFixit Jimmy.

Here is the unboxing / review video:

These are the three kits I opened in the video:

Another iFixit tool that I purchased later and was really helpful for opening my ancient Mac Mini:

Here are the bit types:

iFixit Mako Driver Kit - Bit Types

Here are all three kits unpacked in one shot. I would have put this at the top of the page but my unboxing video is already there and it uses the same image as a thumbnail.

iFixit Mako Driver Kit - Tweezers - Prying Tools

Here is the back of the box. It has a list of the bits included.

iFixit Mako Driver Kit - Bits Chart

Here is a picture of the inner section of the box. I thought the logo was kind of neat.

iFixit Mako Driver Kit - Box

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