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Arch Linux vs BSD

Many people like to compare Arch Linux and BSD but they are really more like polar opposites.

One of the main features or design philosophies of Arch Linux is that it is that it uses the newest bleeding edge components. This has its advantages but leads to instability. Another feature that feeds into this is the rolling release model where things are constantly being updated.

In contrast to this, BSD systems are known to be extremely stable. Software is well tested and the systems are rock solid. BSD systems also tend not to follow a rolling release model.

You could also further devide these systems based on other design choices. BSD systems could be described as having a tendency to do things “the old way” or with more traditional methods. Arch linux tends to do things “the new way” using newer ideas. One example of this is the inclusion of systemd.



While these systems do have some similarities they are small comparison to the huge gap in design philosophy.