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Is a Threadripper good for gaming?

The short answer is that, yes, the Threadripper is good for gaming. While it is good it isn’t strictly necessary and it could be viewed as overkill. It also isn’t always the best processor to choose. You can save a lot of money without losing performance if you buy something cheaper.

Two main points:

As an example, We could compare the Threadripper 3990X with a competing processor from Intel, the i9-10980XE. While the thread ripper may have better performance for many bench marks it doesn’t always have better performance. In some gaming related benchmarks the i9-10980XE actually turns out to be a better choice.

The Threadripper has a ridiculous number of cores which gives it a huge advantage for multithreaded tests but it is less likely to hold up in single core tests.

Is the AMD Threadripper overkill for gaming?

Generally, yes, Threadripper CPUs could be considered overkill for gaming. This is especially true if you’ve already maxed out your GPU. If you also have a top end GPU, you probably won’t seem too much improvement from adding a thread ripper. You will still want something powerful but you probably won’t need something that powerful.