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How do I find my HBase version?

Finding the version of HBase that you are using is pretty easy. As usual, you can just use a single command to retrieve this info. Use the hbase command from a terminal like this.

hbase version

That’s it. That should give you your version info.

If you are using the hbase CLI, you can use the ‘version’ command like this:

hbase(main):001:0> version

You might find this useful, especially if you are using the CLI a lot. It really depends on how you use the database. I personally think it is useful to know both ways of doing things so that you are ready for all situations. It isn’t just a matter of personal preference or having more than one way of doing the same thing. This is also important if you are writing a script. If you are working with an HBase script you might use one method and if you are writing a shell script you are going to b