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10 Dollar Mac Book

This is a $10 Macbook that I picked up sometime before June 2022. It is really old but still works and is still pretty neat. It is a little old to be used for daily stuff. The softare on it still works but won’t really be compatible with modern stuff like modern websites ( unfortunate, things shouldn’t be this way ).

I bought this from a street vendor in Flushing - NYC. You can also buy similar things on eBay. If nothing else it makes a fun toy. I had always wanted something like this. Now that I can aquire one it isn’t as useful as it used to be but still fun to play with and still pretty neat to have. As far as usability I’m not super concerned because I’m at a point in my life where I can also afford ( and have purchased ) multiple multi thousand dollar Apple laptops and PC workstations with ( Linux/Windows )_.

Here is a video where I explore this artifact:

Mac OSX Lion Password Reset

Here is a video showing how I reset the password on the laptop even though this version of OSX has been obsolete for a long, long time.