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Install Nmap on Windows 10 Using Chocolatey

We are going to show you how to install Nmap on Windows using Chocolatey. Nmap as a super useful tool for network exploration. It can help you do all sorts of useful things like finding a Raspberry Pi that you have connected to your network for example. Chocolately is also another super useful tool. It makes installing software super ridiculously easy. Installing Nmap was pretty easy before, now it is even easier. We are going to show you everything you need to know.

You will need administrative privileges to install software. Right click on your powershell launcher icon while holding the shift button. Select “Run as Administrator.

Once your shell has loaded, run the following command to install Nmap:

choco install nmap

Thats it. Once that complets ( and you’ve typed ‘y’ to confirm, click next, next, next, etc. ) you should be all set. You can now launch Nmap from a terminal.

Here is an example Nmap command you might use if you want launch a ping scan to find hosts on a network:

nmap -sP

Video Instructions

Hopefully you found the above video helpful. I enjoyed making it.