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Basic Electronics Theory and Practice

I recently purchased this book about electronics and I feel like it was a good choice. It covers a lot of material including basic electricity, electronic components, and even robots. A lot of people like this book and it has been recommended by others.

basic electronics theory and practice front

I was looking for a book about electronics that would cover everything that someone would need to know to start building projects and being productive. I wanted to fill my large knowledge gaps and get up to speed. I wanted something that covers as much as possible while being presented in way that is easy to understand. My goal was to get to a point where I understand all of the components and how they are used to build circuits.

ISBN-13: 978-1683925286
ISBN-10: 1683925289
3rd edition (June 19, 2020)

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This book covers the a pretty good range of information. Here are the chapters:

Here is a video I made about the book:

Here is a picture from the side. It felt like I should take a picture from this angle. It is a nice picture even though it doesn’t add any value.

basic electronics theory and practice side

Here is a picture of the back of the book. They give a general description of what you can expect to find inside.

basic electronics theory and practice back1

Here is a picture of the barcode with ISBN number just in case this is useful for someone.

basic electronics theory and practice back2

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