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AutoSys Command to Get List of All Jobs

One of the most common operations you are likely to need to perform with AutoSys is enumerating all jobs that exist. This turns out to be relatively easy and we have several variations of the command that makes this possible.

This AutoSys command will get a list of all jobs:

autorep -J ALL 

You can also save to a file like this:

autorep -J ALL > my_list_of_jobs.txt

If you want to find all jobs in a specific box you can use the following command:

autorep -J %BOX_NAME% -q 

Hopefully this helps someone in their journey to work with and manage AutoSys jobs. This can either be boring or exciting depending on what your goals are and what your reasons for using the system are. If this is just something that you are forced to work with and you just need to deal with it so that you can get real work done then you might find it to be boring, frustrating, or both. On the other hand, if you’ve just finished decommissioning another job scheduling or workload automation tool in favor of this one, you might be pretty excited about what it can do. If this is primarily what you work on and you like your job you may enjoy working this too.