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How to Fix Error - “sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed”

Author: Petar Petrov

With the current pandemic situation, many people have had to move from their office desks to comfortable couches at home. Given the situation, a lot of people have focused on working from home. To do it you are required to use a computer, and nowadays, everyone has one and uses it for various reasons. Work is just one of them but by far one of the most important reasons we stay in front of the PC. Sometimes it is easy to forget how much time you spend in front of the computer. Between work, school projects, and gaming, you spend hours in front of the screen.

At such moments, few things can be more irritable than an annoying error bar popping on your screen. It can be irritable if you don’t know how to handle it. Some people have it even harder than others. Yes, we mean you, MAC users. We bet you knew we would bring this out just from the title, but let’s be serious now. One of the most annoying errors for Mac users is “sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed,” which appears because you cannot access or write data to your Mac’s clipboard, nor can you copy or paste any data.

We bet many of you have encountered it and had problems solving it, but here comes our fast and easy guide which will lead you to the best solution for this error.


Let’s start with the easiest way that may solve the problem. We all know or have heard that when something goes wrong with our computer, it is best to shut it down. Well, our suggestion is similar. If you see any errors appearing on your screen, the first thing to do is restart your MAC. If the error is something simple, it can be resolved as simply as that. Keep in mind that if the problem is serious, you will need to take more serious measures.

The second solution that comes to our mind is to upgrade the system. Most often, errors occur because the system is out of date, and with a few simple actions, this can be solved. It doesn’t matter if you are using Windows or Mac. There are many common situations where problems can be solved with a simple update of your systems.

Mac users here is the path you should follow for this solution: Apple Icon→ “About this Mac”→”Software update” if there is a new update- you will see the button “Upgrade now”if you do not see this button welp you have to move to Solution number 3.

The third option is to make use of Activity Monitor. To save ourselves from finding the arrow symbol, we advise you to use “Command” and the spacebar. Once you do this - type “activity monitor” in the search bar. The next step is similar to the first one. Again in the search field, this time on the top right of the activity monitor. Just write pboard in it till it appears under Process Name. Now double-click it, and once it opens, press quit. After you finish with the steps, close everything, and try to use copy and paste. If this doesn’t work, we move to the next step.

Another solution: yep, we won’t count anymore. For this solution, you will have to find a terminal. For that, you have to open your applications, then go to Utilities, and you will see it there. Once you find and open it, type the following: “kill all pboard” If even this didn’t work, we advise you to look for a specialist who can figure out where the problem is. We hope our article was helpful, and thank you for staying with us through it!

In conclusion, we can say that this error is something- that often occurs to people who use MAC. It’s not a new problem and will most likely continue to happen. We hope the solutions in our article proved enough to help you with solving the problem. Thank you for reading our article and till the next one.