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Rundeck Install and Bug Fix - Stuck at Login Page

We’re going to show you how to install Rundeck Community Edition on Ubuntu Linux Server 20.04. There are multiple different ways of doing this but we’re going to use the deb package downloaded from the Rundeck site. We’re also going to show you how to fix a really annoying issue that causes people to get stuck at the login page after installation.

For more general information about Rundeck checkout our General Rundeck Overview Page.

NOTE - You should just swap in your own specific information In any place where we use an exact version number, IP address, or home directory path.

Rundeck Install Steps

To start out, you can download Rundeck here:

Before installing the deb package you will need to install Java. Before doing that you should make sure you update your repo information like this:

sudo apt update

Now actually install Java:

sudo apt install openjdk-11-jre-headless

Next SCP the package over to the system that you will be installing it on. You can skip this if you are installing on your desktop.

scp Downloads/rundeck_3.4.3.20210823-1_all.deb

Install the package like this:

sudo dpkg -i rundeck_3.4.3.20210823-1_all.deb

Once installed, you can check the status of the service like this:

sudo service rundeckd status

If it isn’t running, start it up like this:

sudo service rundeckd start

Enable the service like this so that it will start up the next time you boot your server.

sudo systemctl enable rundeckd

It takes a while to start up. You can tail the logs to see how far along it is like this:

tail -n 1000 -f /var/log/rundeck/service.log

When Rundeck has fully initialized you should see a like like this in the logs:

Grails application running at http://localhost:4440 in environment: production

You should be able to reach the Rundeck web GUI on port 4440 like this:

User admin
Password admin

Stuck at Login Page - Issue / Bug / Feature

There is an issue that may result in getting stuck at the login page. This is actually caused by certain default parameters that can be fixed. The server name and URL are set to “localhost” by default. This may actually work if you are running the instance on your desktop or from the same system that your browser is running on. It will likey be an issue if you have installed Rundeck on a remote host. The service will listen on the public IP just fine but after login it will attempt to redirect you to a URL with a value based on what it pulls from it’s config files which is “localhost” by default. It is possible to correct this manually but it will redirect you to the wrong URL again when trying to navigate the GUI.

This issue is discussed here and probably on other pages:

Quick info about affected versions:

3.0.8 working
3.0.13 broken
3.4.3 still broken

This is what the URLs look like: login on this page
http://localhost:4440/menu/home redirects me here should redirect here

The Fix

The fix is to change “localhost” to the IP or hostname of your server in the config files shown below.

First, edit this file:

sudo vi /etc/rundeck/framework.properties

Change these lines:

framework.server.name = localhost
framework.server.hostname = localhost
framework.server.port = 4440
framework.server.url = http://localhost:4440

To something like these:

framework.server.name =
framework.server.hostname =
framework.server.port = 4440
framework.server.url =

Then, edit this file:

sudo vi /etc/rundeck/rundeck-config.properties 

Change this line:


To something like this:


Restart rundeck again like this:

sudo service rundeckd stop
sudo service rundeckd start

Wait for it to fully initialize and try logging in again. It should work after this.