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Oracle Interview Questions

What is oracle?

Oracle is a Company name and Database Server which uses to manage data. It has different types of objects to manager data like tables, views, synonyms, sequences, indexes, procedures, functions, trigger, packages etc.

What is difference between Synonyms and View?

Synonym is alias of a table and can be created only for one table and its physically present in the database but view can be created on multiple tables and its logical.

What is trigger and how many types of triggers available?

Trigger is database object which fired on any DML transaction occurs in the database. A single SQL statement can fire 4 types of triggers before row trigger, before statement trigger, after row trigger and after statement trigger.

How many types of backups, explain them and how we can have backup?

There are two types of backups in oracle Physical Backup and Logical Backup.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a DBA?

A Database Administer main role is to ensure that data should be available as it required and it should be secure from loss or corruption. There are so many other roles and responsibilities of DBA

How many types of blocks in PL/SQL?

There are two types of blocks, Anonymous block, Named block. Block with out any name is called anonymous block. These are created and used at the same time and can not be stored and cannot be reuse. Named block have specific name and can be stored in the database as database object and can be use later. There are two types of named block procedure and function.

How many types of shutdown methods in oracle and explain them?

There are four types of shutdown method in the oracle, Normal Mode, Transaction Mode, Immediate Mode, Abort Mode.

What is difference between PL/SQL and SQL *Plus?

PL/SQL is an oracle program that runs and perform different types of task in the oracle database and it can be different types but SQL *Plus is editor or interface where write different types of SQL commands or PL/SQL programs.

How many types of constraints in the oracle, explain them?

There are several types so constraints in the oracle, Primary key, foreign key, unique key, not null, check Key.

How many types of default tablespaces in the oracle and explain them?

There are several types of default tablespaces in the oracle, SYSTEM, SYSAUX, USERS, UNDOTBS1 AND TEMP.