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Mac Book Pro 2019 - 16 Inch

The new 16 inch Mac Book Pro released in 2019 is a huge improvement from previous some generations. This one came with a few major notable changes along with other hardware updates:

This generation uses USB-C for all data ports and power.

Here is a quick video I shot where you can listen to me rambling on about my Mac Book Pro:

Here is the Mac Book Pro that I have on Amazon HERE. Mine is space gray though.

I love this laptop. This thing is excellent. I enjoy using it and I’ve gotten so much work done with it.

Reasons to buy a Mac Book Pro:

Reason I bought this Mac Book Pro:

Reasons NOT to buy a Mac:

I’m primarily a Linux user but I switch between Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX on a daily basis.

Here is a teardown video from iFixit that you should watch:


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