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Applied Cryptography

Applied Cryptography is a terrific book. It is a great way to learn about crytography and many of the different subtopics. I purchased this book way back sometime before 2005. This was long before Bitcoin or other sucessful cryptocurrencies existed but this book also reviewed the idea of cryptocurrencies from a more theoretical perspective.

Besides reviewing the algorithms and source code this book spends a lot of time covering protocols and other very important topics in the world of cryptography. It also discusses how systems are attacked and secured. This is pretty much the book to by if you are interested in cryptography.

This book has served to help my personal development. It has served as a source of technical knowlege and inspiration.

The author of this book Bruce Schneier who is a well know authority in the world of technology and security. He is a board member of the EFF and writes about topics such as privacy and surveillance.