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PC Build - Wifes New Alder Lake Gaming System

This PC was built quickly to replace an older system that had failed. I didn’t have time to wait for parts to come in the mail. I needed everything within a day or so. I picked up all the parts in person at Microcenter.

pc_build_01_alder_lake_5914 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5928

I purchesed these parts on March 26, 2022.

Parts - Details Pages:

lian li lancool 205 mesh atx with RGB

Where is the GPU?

We haven’t bought one yet….

As of March 2022 GPU prices were still pretty crazy due to logistics and the chip shortage. They are starting to come down now which is pretty nice. We may end up adding a GPU soon but we will see.

In terms of performance the built in GPU is actually about on part with the dedicated GPU that was present in her old system.


pc_build_01_alder_lake_5890 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5891 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5892 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5893 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5894 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5895 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5896 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5897 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5898 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5899 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5900 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5901 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5902 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5903 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5904 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5905 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5906 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5907 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5908 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5909 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5910 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5911 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5912 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5913

pc_build_01_alder_lake_5915 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5916 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5917 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5918 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5919 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5920 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5921 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5925 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5926 pc_build_01_alder_lake_5927

pc_build_01_alder_lake_bottom pc_build_01_alder_lake_power_supply