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Linux Command - tr

The Linux tr command can be used to translate characters.

Swap any instance of ‘a’ for ‘b’:

echo "Test abc" | tr a b

Swap char in one set with corresponding char in second set:

echo "Test abc" | tr es xy
echo "Test abc" | tr abcd wxyz

Delete any characters in this set:

echo "Tests "  | tr -d est

Compress identical, consecutive chars:

echo "Tests eeee"| tr -s e

Change lower case to upper case:

echo "Testee"| tr "[:lower:]" "[:upper:]"

Use these to translate:

CHAR1-CHAR2 all characters from CHAR1 to CHAR2 in ascending order
[CHAR*] in SET2, copies of CHAR until length of SET1
[CHAR*REPEAT] REPEAT copies of CHAR, REPEAT octal if starting with 0
[:alnum:] all letters and digits
[:alpha:] all letters
[:blank:] all horizontal whitespace
[:cntrl:] all control characters
[:digit:] all digits
[:graph:] all printable characters, not including space
[:lower:] all lower case letters
[:print:] all printable characters, including space
[:punct:] all punctuation characters
[:space:] all horizontal or vertical whitespace
[:upper:] all upper case letters
[:xdigit:] all hexadecimal digits
[=CHAR=] all characters which are equivalent to CHAR