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Snort Intrusion Detection

This is a great book and I love having it. That is it though. It may still provide some value but it is way too old to be helpful. It looks like this is yet another book that is out of date and doesn’t seem to have an updated edition.

Realistically, you can pretty much get all of the information in this book online in a much easier electronic format. You can check the official Snort document and countless online guides and tutorials that will show you everything you need to know and most of it will be up to date ( or at least you can pick and choose the up to date information ).

BTW, Snort itself is a great piece of software that I love and would totally recommend.

Here is an old video that I recorded about the book. I actually forget what I’ve said about this book in the video or how much I recommended it.

Images of the Book

Snort Intrusion Detection front

Snort Intrusion Detection side

Snort Intrusion Detection back1 Snort Intrusion Detection back2 Snort Intrusion Detection back3 Snort Intrusion Detection cd

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