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Linux Kernel Internals

This is another kernel internals related book. This is relatively old. I used this book back when I was at University ( 2000 - 2005 ). You would probably want something newer if you even want to pick up a book at all. Books are great because of how methodical they are and because of how you can expect them to cover a topic at least somewhat thoroughly. Personally, if I were starting to learn about this now, I would probably just learn from free sources online. This is easier in some ways but also means that you need to put in the effort yourself to find out what topics need to be covered.

Some of the information that you might find in a book like this will remain useful for years. A lot of information will become outdated quickly, especially Linux kernel related info. The kernel is changing constantly. New features are being added, removed, and updated practically all of the time. It can actually get to be somewhat difficult to keep up with all of the changes.


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