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Network Intrusion Detection - An Analysts Handbook

This book is a great way to learn about intrusion detection and the concepts behind it. It goes into a fair amount of technical detail covering how protocols work and what the mechanics of different types of attacks look like.

Besides learning about intrusion detection, this book was also a really good introduction to TCP/IP for me. Much of what I learned in this book served as a great foundation to learn about how network protocols work. This book set me up to then go on to read through network RFCs and then to read the TCP/IP illustrated books which really got into a great amount of detail.

Overall I would definitely recommmend this book. It is an old book and a lot has happend in the world of security and intrusion detection but most / all of the information is still valid and helpful. The basics of networking, TCP/IP, and intrusion detection that are covered still serve as foundational knowlege for the technology of today.

This book was great. I highly recommend it and I feel like I can really take the author seriously.

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