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Tektronix Tekscope - Oscilloscope - THS730A

Oscilloscopes are excellent tools and are extremely useful if you are lucky enough to own one. They don’t tend to be quite as affordable as multimeters and soldering stations so not everybody has their own scope.

Here is a quick video where I just take a peek at this old Oscilloscope that I pulled out of my closet:

You can still find these on Ebay if you look. I wasn’t able to find this same product on Amazon. The closest I could find was the Tektronix TBS1032B Digital Storage Oscilloscope. You can find it on Amazon HERE.

We are definitely planning to use this for our projects. You can expect to see more of this device in future post and in future videos.

It is handheld. It isn’t a huge clunky thing that you would generally see in a permanent spot on an electronics work bench.

Here are some of the features listed in the datasheet:

For the above features you are really going to want to cross check these with what is actually in the documentation. See the link in the references section below.


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