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Orange Pi Zero 2

The Orange Pi Zero 2 is a terrific SBC that I’ve recently picked up on Amazon. It is small, affordable, and feature packed. It doesn’t have every possilbe port since it is very small but it does come with both an ethernet port and a with Wifi. It actually has an external antenna which really makes it stand out from other single board computers. You won’t find that in any Raspberry Pi that I’ve seen so far.

Key features

Included with the package that I ordered was an expansion board which gives me

I thought this was a really nice little SBC and is totally worth having .

You can find the Orange Pi Zero 2 on Amazon HERE ( affiliate link )

I installed Ubuntu on it using an image that I pulled down from the official Orange Pi site. It boots off of an SD card. I felt that it performed relatively well even as a simple desktop system. I did purchase the 1GB version. It gave me a pretty standard Linux desktop with a nice orange wallpaper featuring the Orange Pi logo.

So far I’ve tested this system but I haven’t used in a project yet. I’m still determining what I would like to use it for.