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Raspberry Pi - NoIR Camera V2

The Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera V2 is basically the same as the regular Raspberry Pi camera except that it doesn’t have an IR filter. This is also a version 2 camera. NoIR stands for “No Infrared” which indicates that this camera does not have an IR filter. This camera allows you to work in low light conditions with the use of infrared lighting.

The version 2 camera comes with a Sony IMX219 8-megapixel sensor.

It comes with a CSI ribbon cable that can be used to connect to a Raspberry Pi. It should be compatible with most models of Pi so long as they have a CSI port. It is worth noting that some models may have a smaller port which can be connected to with an alternate CSI cable. .

Here is a video in which we unbox the camera and test it out:

To setup the camera you are going to want to go ahead and enable the camera in the Raspberry Pi configuration tool. You can use the CLI that comes with Raspberry Pi OS or just use Python to control the camera. These use libcamera.

Here are some popular example use cases for the camera: