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Raspberry Pi - How To Install Android

There are many reasons that you might want to install Android on your Raspberry Pi. One reason is that it provides great touch screen support. Another reason is that it provides you with a huge selection of apps to install.

Download Android for Raspberry Pi

The first thing you are going to need to do is download Android. One source I found recommended using this prebuilt version. I haven’t tried this version and don’t know how good it is. You can find it Here at Rasbian France

Another option is Lineage OS. This is an incredibly popular version of Android. You can find a pre-built version of this for the Raspberry Pi here: Some Guy’s Pre-Built Lineage OS

Note that the pre-built version of Lineage OS isn’t directly from the makers of Lineage OS. It is being distributed by some guy.

If you want to build Lineage OS yourself, you can find it on GitHub here: Lineage OS on GitHub

Write the SD card

Some people like to use Etcher which you can find here: Etcher.

You can also use the official Raspberry Pi tool which works great too. It is almost the exact same thing and I actually prefer it. You can find it HERE.

For either of these tools, all you have to do is:

Boot Up Your Raspbery Pi with Android

Insert the SD card and boot your PI.

Android will be a bit slow at first but once initialized should run a bit faster.