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Raspberry Pi Zero W

The Raspberry PI Zero W is a neat little device. The ‘W’ indicates that it includes wifi and bluetooth. It is smaller and less expensive than other models. It also has less power and fewer ports. It is great for electronics projects but less optimal for desktop use when compared to more powerful models. It is also popular as a component in DIY hand held video game consoles. The Pi Zero is also great for camera systems.

It has the following features:

Vilros Raspberry Pi Zero W Starter Kit

I picked up a starter kit that inlcudes all of the essentials along with quite a few other nice things to have. I selected a kit from Vilros.

Here is the unboxing video:

The kit from the video is the “Vilros Raspberry Pi Zero W Complete Starter Kit-Premium Clear Case Edition-Includes Pi Zero W and 7 Essential Accessories”. You can get it on Amazon HERE.

The kit includes:

I was thrilled with this kit and with all of the things that were included. It gave me everything I needed to get started and some extras.


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