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Freenove produces open source electronic products. They produce robot kits and starter kits for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, micro:bit, and more. They produce kits for smart cars, drones, and robots.


We have some other pages where we have covered Freenove products here:

Our Videos

Here are some of the Freenove videos that we have posted on our Youtube channel.

We bought the Freenove Utimate Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi. It contains verious electronic components that can be used in Raspberry Pi projects. In this video we unbox the kit and look at some of the interesting components inside.

We purchased the Freenove Robot Dog Kit for Raspberry Pi. This kit contains most of the components you would need to build a robot dog. It didn’t include the actual Raspberry Pi or the batteries. We later assembled it in a separate video.

In this video we actually assemble the robot dog. This is a relatively long video ( ~1:52 ).

This video was a quick deom video showing what the robot dog can do. We didn’t have it fully calibrated/tweaked yet but it gives you kind of a good idea of its functionality.

Videos from Freenove

Freenove also has their own Youtube channel. Here are some of their videos.

This video shows the Freenove Hexapod Robot. It is a little bit cooler than the robot dog.

This video shows one of their robot cars.

This video shows the robot dog. This is a bit different from the videos that we recorded.

This video shows one of the smaller robot car kits that you can buy from Freenove. It is based on the micro:bit.