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NOTE - The Mac vs PC button isn’t working yet.

import board from keybow2040 import Keybow2040 import usb_hid from adafruit_hid.keyboard import Keyboard from adafruit_hid.keyboard_layout_us import KeyboardLayoutUS from adafruit_hid.keycode import Keycode # Set up Keybow i2c = board.I2C() keybow = Keybow2040(i2c) keys = keybow.keys # Set up the keyboard and layout keyboard = Keyboard(usb_hid.devices) layout = KeyboardLayoutUS(keyboard) # The colour to set the keys when pressed, yellow. rgb = (0, 255, 0) myPlatform = "mac" myKeys = { "a": (Keycode.A,), "b": (Keycode.B,), "c": (Keycode.C,), "d": (Keycode.D,), "e": (Keycode.E,), "f": (Keycode.F,), "g": (Keycode.G,), "h": (Keycode.H,), "i": (Keycode.I,), "j": (Keycode.J,), "k": (Keycode.K,), "l": (Keycode.L,), "m": (Keycode.M,), "n": (Keycode.N,), "o": (Keycode.O,), "p": (Keycode.P,), "q": (Keycode.Q,), "r": (Keycode.R,), "s": (Keycode.S,), "t": (Keycode.T,), "u": (Keycode.U,), "v": (Keycode.V,), "w": (Keycode.W,), "x": (Keycode.X,), "y": (Keycode.Y,), "z": (Keycode.Z,), "A": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.A,), "B": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.B,), "C": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.C,), "D": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.D,), "E": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.E,), "F": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.F,), "G": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.G,), "H": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.H,), "I": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.I,), "J": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.J,), "K": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.K,), "L": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.L,), "M": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.M,), "N": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.N,), "O": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.O,), "P": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.P,), "Q": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.Q,), "R": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.R,), "S": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.S,), "T": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.T,), "U": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.U,), "V": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.V,), "W": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.W,), "X": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.X,), "Y": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.Y,), "Z": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.Z,), "0": (Keycode.ZERO,), "1": (Keycode.ONE,), "2": (Keycode.TWO,), "3": (Keycode.THREE,), "4": (Keycode.FOUR,), "5": (Keycode.FIVE,), "6": (Keycode.SIX,), "7": (Keycode.SEVEN,), "8": (Keycode.EIGHT,), "9": (Keycode.NINE,), "\"": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.QUOTE,), ">": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.PERIOD,), "<": (Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.COMMA,), "=": (Keycode.EQUALS,), "-": (Keycode.KEYPAD_MINUS,), "/": (Keycode.KEYPAD_FORWARD_SLASH,), " ": (Keycode.SPACEBAR,) } def mySendString(a): for i in a: if i in myKeys: if len(myKeys[i]) > 1: keyboard.send(myKeys[i][1], myKeys[i][0]) else: keyboard.send(myKeys[i][0]) # Attach handler functions to all of the keys for key in keys: # A press handler that sends the keycode and turns on the LED @keybow.on_press(key) def press_handler(key): key.set_led(*rgb) if(key.number == 0): if myPlatform == "mac": keyboard.send(Keycode.GUI, Keycode.C) else: keyboard.send(Keycode.LEFT_CONTROL, Keycode.C) if(key.number == 4): if myPlatform == "mac": keyboard.send(Keycode.GUI, Keycode.X) else: keyboard.send(Keycode.LEFT_CONTROL, Keycode.X) if(key.number == 8): if myPlatform == "mac": keyboard.send(Keycode.GUI, Keycode.V) else: keyboard.send(Keycode.LEFT_CONTROL, Keycode.V) if(key.number == 1): if myPlatform == "mac": keyboard.send(Keycode.GUI, Keycode.A) else: keyboard.send(Keycode.LEFT_CONTROL, Keycode.A) if(key.number == 5): # assumes home/end are mapped like PC keyboard.send(Keycode.HOME) keyboard.send(Keycode.LEFT_SHIFT, Keycode.END) if(key.number == 3): mySendString('<pre class="nice-pre4"><code>') if(key.number == 7): mySendString('</code></pre>') if(key.number == 13): mySendString('xxxxxxxx') #if(key.number == 15): # key.set_led(*(255,0,0)) # key.led_on() # if myPlatform == "mac": # myPlatform = "pc" # if myPlatform == "pc": # myPlatform = "mac" # A release handler that turns off the LED @keybow.on_release(key) def release_handler(key): key.led_off() while True: # Always remember to call keybow.update()! keybow.update()