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Web Hosting

Advanced or simple, know your options. Find what is right for you. Need more information about the different types of hosting? Keep reading.

Unmanaged Cloud VPS - Premium hosting, super low prices, DIY server setup

Digital OceanSimple, easy, multiple OS options and a bunch of features. They have Kubernetes, storage, Load Balancing, DNS, and more.
LinodeSimple, easy, only Linux but a few options.
Amazon LightSailLike AWS EC2 except simple and easy like digital ocean. Still Amazon and same infrastructure as EC2.
VultrSimple, easy, multiple OS options. Has the option for even smaller VMs. Also has a bare metal option. It has the option to upload your own custom OS version.
CloudwaysSpin up nodes on Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Shared Hosting or a Managed VPS - Beginner to advanced, hands off management

KnownHostRecommended on the webhosting subreddit
iWFHostingRecommended on the webhosting subreddit
VeeroTechRecommended on the webhosting subreddit
NixiHostRecommended on the webhosting subreddit
NamecheapThey are great for domains and have decent hosting too.
NamesiloNot just domains, they do hosting too.

Free Hosting - With the option of a custom domain

GitHub PagesStatic HTML only.
Google SitesFor creating actual sites that aren't just blogs.
BloggerIt's just a blog but you can have a custom domain.
wordpress.comFree WordPress hosting.

Other Options - These might be options for some people

Site GroundShared, cloud, WordPress, and WooCommerce hosting.
WixAll in one package with a site builder, etc. This is for people who want to build a real site but don't know what they are doing.
GoDaddyShared, VPS, etc. Big name in hosting. Should have all the normal stuff you need.
BluehostShared, VPS, and dedicated. Should have all the normal stuff you need.

Public Cloud Computing - Lowest cost, most power, if you know what you are doing

You are generally going to get more for less with these. They are also more complicated to manage. These are slightly more complicated than using one of the Clould VPS solutions mentioned above. This is basically another step in the same direction. EC2 is what powers Light Sail.

AWS EC2This is pretty much the first thing people thik of when they think of cloud computing.
Google Compute EngineThis is Google's could platform. They are good at what they do.
Microsoft AzureMicrosoft was late to the party but they caught up and have an awesome product now.
RackspaceThis is Rackspace, they are an old and well know cloud provider.

Domain Names

Need a domain name?

TIP - get your domain name and hosting from separate providers. This way your hosting company can’t hold your domain name hostage. It gives you more flexibility and control.

NamecheapThis is the first place I usually turn when buying a domain. They also do hosting.
NamesiloThis is also a good choice if you want a domain name. Of course they have hosting too.
PorkbunThis is another great place to get a domain name. They also have hosting.
Google DomainsThis is something Google does too. A lot of people like getting their domains from Google.

Types of Hosting

You can also ask questions and keep up on web hosting related issues on the web hosting subreddit HERE

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