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IBM Tivoli Workload Automation ( TWS )

You can’t talk about workload automation and batch scheduling without talking about TWS.

TWS Hodge Podge

IBM has their own suite of workload automation software. TWS or Tivoli Workload Automation is a collection of workload automation products used for batch scheduling and job management. It is cross platform and supports a selection of different operating systems. It is basically a hodge podge of different products that have been gathered together over the years. Some of the products were acquired from other companies and integrated by TWS before IBM even acquired TWS. One of the included products that was assimilated was a scheduler for z/OS dating back to the 1970s. Another product that was included brought Unix support.

IBM Tivoli Workload Automation ( TWS )

TWS was a job scheduler originally created by a company called Tivoli Software. Tivoli Software was acquired by and merged into IBM and became a brand within IBM which was eventually renamed.

IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler was also eventually renamed to IBM Workload Scheduler. It isn’t the biggest change and the underlying product is the same. They just removed the word “Tivoli” from the name. This doesn’t feel right to me but I guess it is just branding so it is just as well.

Price and Cost

If you are looking price one of the first things you will notice is that it is not prohibitively expensive. It can be affordable and can also be licensed on a monthly basis. TWS starts at $74.30 per month as of August 2017. According to IBM’s product page. The official product page describing TWS can be found here: IBM Workload Automation You can find the official Wikipedia page here: Tivoli Wikipedia

Mature Software

If you are looking for an enterprise job scheduler that is considered mature, this may be what you are looking for. This is piece of software with a very long and eventful history. It is one of, if not the oldest schedulers out there. It is owned by one of the largest and oldest technology companies there is. This is a prime example of a tool ( or set of tools ) that has been time tested with an emphasis on the enterprise.

If nothing else there is one more important point to remember. It isn’t Tidal. That’s another major plus to using TWS. You can feel better just knowing that it isn’t Tidal Enterprise Scheduler. There are a lot of choices out there. While this specific tool may or may not be the best choice for every need, if you do choose it, you can feel good knowing that you didn’t choose Tidal. As always, do your research and make the best decision that matches your organization’s needs. Every organization has different requirements and different workloads to manage. Only you know how best to manage your jobs. Do be sure to learn from others and make sure that you test as much as you can before going live and committing to any one system. Make a list of products and test everything on your list, comparing the features of each. You will thank yourself later.

TWS Cheat Sheet

Command Short Form Description
adddep adj / ads Adds job or job stream dependencies.
altpass   Alters a User object definition password.
altpri ap Alters job or job stream priorities.
cancel cj / cs Cancels a job or a job stream.
confirm   Confirms job completion.
console   Assigns the IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler console.
continue   Ignores the next error.
deldep ddj / dds Deletes job or job stream dependencies.
display df / dj / ds Displays files, jobs, and job streams.
exit   Terminates Conman.
fence   Sets IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler job fence.
help 5   Displays command information.
kill   Stops an executing job.
limit lc / ls Changes a workstation or job stream job limit.
link lk Opens workstation links.
listsym   Displays a list of Symphony log files.
recall rc Displays prompt messages.
redo   Edits the previous command.
release rj / rs Releases job or job stream dependencies.
reply   Replies to prompt message.
rerun rr Reruns a job.
resource   Changes the number of resource units.
setsym   Selects a Symphony log file.
showcpus sc Displays workstation and link information.
showdomain   Displays domain information.
showfiles sf Displays information about files.
showjobs sj Displays information about jobs.
showprompts sp Displays information about prompts.
showresources sr Displays information about resources.
showschedules ss Displays information about job streams.
shutdown   Stops IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler production processes.
start   Starts IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler production processes.
status   Displays IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler production status.
stop   Stops IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler production processes.
stop ;progressive   Stops IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler production processes hierarchically.
submit sbd / sbf / sbj / sbs Submits a command, file, job, or job stream.
switchmgr   Switches the domain manager.
sys-command   Sends a command to the system.
tellop to Sends a message to the console.
unlink   Closes workstation links.
version v Displays Conman’s command line program banner.