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Atlassian Bamboo

Bamboo is an automation server. It is primarily used for building software. It is similar to other products like Jenkins or Team City. It is used for CI/CD.

It is not free but you can try it for free. Many people

It integrates well with other products from Atlassian such as Jira and Bitbucket. This is a huge plus if you are already using these products or if you are planning to.

It is great for Projects built in any language. It doesn’t matter if you write your code in Java, C++, Python, or something else. It should work well. It supports popular technologies like AWS and Docker. It works with all of the things you would expect a product of this calibre to work with.

Software projects are held inside deployment projects.

A deployment project holds the following:

When you deploy a project, you have visibility into the associated code changes and any associated Jira tickets. This is the advantage to using all Atlassian Software.

On a side note, Jira is probably one of the few ticketing systems I’ve worked with that I don’t dislike. It is easy to work with and introduces minimal frustration. I think this is why it is son insanely popular. If you already work with Jira, it is kind of nice having other products that support it and integrate well with it.

Atlassian Bamboo Dedicated Agents

Agents can be designated as dedicated agents. This means that they will be available for a given project. Builds for that project won’t have to wait in a queue. This is useful for situations where a project is time sensitive and need to have priority.

Bamboo Alternatvies

There are several alternatives to Atlassian Bamboo. The first two are kind of obvious. One is free, the other is not. They both do the exact same thing as Bamboo and are extremely popular.

After the first two, we have a few more less obvious choices that might be just what you are looking for. GitLab is basically very similar to GitHub. They are mostly focussed on source control but also apparently have a CI solution. Bitbucket Piplines is kind of an unexpected competitor. It looks like Atlassian is kind of competing against themselves as crazy as that sounds. Finally, Ansible Tower isn’t really specifically a build server. It is a general purpose automation and configuration management server. It could be made to do pretty much anything that Bamboo does. It just isn’t dedicated to this task.

The remaining options on this list are products that I haven’t tested and that I have limited familiarity with. Some of them may be great options and some of them may be suboptimal. It depends heavily on your use case and preferences. If you don’t like anything listed above, for whatever crazy reason, you might want to check these out.