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Datadog is a monitoring platform. It collects data from containers, servers, databases, and more. It gives you visibility into so much. It is geared towards cloud applications.

Datadog Pricing

We can’t really complain too much here. Datadog pricing is straight forward. You don’t need to dig and you don’t need to contact a sales agent. They list their prices right on their site. We summarize them here. These are current as of April 1st 2020. Some of these actually have a free tier below their “Starting at” price. The higher tiers also generally have free trials.


Infrastructure Starting at $15 Per host, per month*
Log Management 7-DAY Retention Starting at $1.27 Per million log events, per month*
APM Starting at $31 Per host, per month*
Network Starting at $5 Per host, per month*
Synthetics Starting at $5 Per 10k test runs, per month*
Real User Monitoring Starting at $15 Per 10k sessions, per month*


Free 0
Pro 15
Enterprise 23

For more details you can check their site HERE

Datadog Open Source

Datadog uses many different open source technologies. They also contribute back. You can checkout their official GitHub profile here:

As you can see they have an agent written in Golang. They have an APM client for Java, dd-trace-java. They have published a Python library. They have published core integrations of the Datadog Agent as well as kafka-kit: data mapping and recovery tools. They actually have 422 repositories as of the time of this writing.

Datadog Docker

Docker is an extermely popular containerization platform. It also happens to be a major focus for Datadog.

Datadog provides a Docker agent for monitoring Docker instances. This is basically a containerized version of the host agent.