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Arch Linux Jupyter

Jupyter Lab is a popular tool for scientific computing. It is commonly used amongst data scientists. It enables the creation and sharing of documents that contain live code amongst other things. It features a web interface. Some of the other things included are visualizations, and equations. It is also available on Arch Linux.

Installing Jupyter on Arch is easy. You will need X Windows and Firefox installed before you can do this. Installing the jupyterlab package will automatically install the jupyter-notebook package with it because it is an indirect dependency.

You can install Jupyter Notebook like this:

pacman -S jupyter-notebook

You can install Jupyter Lab like this:

pacman -S jupyterlab

You can run Jupyter Lab like this:

jupyter lab

It will automatically open a new browser tab pointing to the server for you. It will point to something like this:


You can run Jupyter Notebook like this:

jupyter notebook

It also opens up a new browser tab. It will point to a similar URL. In this case it will be: