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Arch Linux How to Install Yay

Yay is an AUR helper. It is also a Pacman wrapper. It is a popular tool for managing packages on Arch Linux. It provides a lot of extra functionality including searching, tab-completion, and dependency related features.

Steps to install Yay on Arch Linux:

Interestingly, Yay will warn you against running as root or sudo. It seems to work fine as an unprivileged user. I haven’t looked into why this is.


You can also install Yay using another AUR helper if you have one installed. For example you could run something like this to install it.

trizen -S yay

Of course this would require you to actually have trizen installed.


Now that you have Yay installed on your system you can enjoy having an easy tool to search for, install, and manage packages.

Here are some examples of what you can do:

Print system statistics:

yay -Ps

Update your system:

yay -Syu

Install a package:

yay -S gparted

Remove a package:

yay -Rns gparted