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Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler Pricing

Before buying a product it is important to learn about it first. One thing you are going to need to know is the price. How much does Tidal Enterprise Scheduler cost? What is the price of TES? This question becomes more and more important with a large expensive enterprise products. Chances are it will make a definite impact on your budget and you will need to weigh the cost. This is also likely a major point that you would like to use to compare other products.

The Real Price of Tidal

You are probably going to consider other product attributes that define what value you actually get. Higher and lower price does not necessarily correlate to higher and lower value. You are going to need to look at which product has the features you want. You will need to consider which scheduler provides these features with the best quality possible. Then you can weigh these against price. A product that doesn’t perform will end up costing a lot more than the actual price paid for it. Even if money is the only factor, you need to consider how much will come out of your budget later to maintain a product. If a product causes users you to lose hours of time because they are not being productive it will end up costing more. Lost time is lost money. That is the real price of choosing the wrong product.

Reseller Needed

If you want to find out what an installation of Tidal will cost you and how much you will have to pay for each component you are going to have to contact a reseller. Realistically, this is the only way you are going to get an actual number. The actual price is negotiable and would have to be worked out with the reseller. In the end, you will have to talk to a reseller. We could point you towards CDW here: CDW or you could pick another reseller if you prefer to work with someone else.

An Example

If you want to get a vauge idea of what different components of a Tidal Enterprise Scheduler installation would cost you, you can see a list of prices here: IT Price . Keep in mind, these numbers could be wildly different from the numbers you will actual be given by your reseller. They will also be different from the numbers that you eventually settle upon. It will give you a vague idea of what to expect and give you something to start with. These are just examples.

Just to give you an idea of how some of the components are priced based on the examples at itprice.com:

Here is another example, this one is from CDW. This is just for the master and it shows the price cut in half. It is cut from $24,486.00 to $16,103.99. This is just the advertised price. Check here: CDW

Research and Comparison

Make sure that you know what components you actually need and how everything will fit together before you commit to buying anything. You will want to get a license for a non-prod trial of Tidal so that you can run a POC and test things out before you make any purchasing decisions. Also, try all the other products too, you might just want to go with AutoSys or BMC Control-M. Compare all of your different enterprise scheduling options. There are many different workload automation tools out there.