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Arch Linux How to Install KDE

KDE Plasma is a relatively fully featured desktop that has been around for a while. It isn’t the most lightweight option but is still an excellent choice. Many people choose to install KDE Plasma on their Arch Linux systems.

To install KDE Plasma on Arch just run this command:

pacman -S xorg plasma plasma-wayland-session kde-applications

Once installed, enable the Display Manager and Network Manager services:

systemctl enable sddm.service
systemctl enable NetworkManager.service

After this, just reboot.

X Windows Install - Additional Info

We will cover installing Xwindows very briefly here. It was included in the same command that we used to install KDE. For more in depth information see our other two guides. We have covered installing Xorg in both of these guides. You can check them out here for more details:

X Windows is easy to install by itself. Just run the following ( but don’t if you already have it and everything above went well ).

sudo pacman -S xorg xorg-xinit xterm