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TIBCO ActiveSpaces

Are you tired of slow software and slow access to data? TIBCO ActiveSpaces may be the solution you are looking for. It is basically an in memory data cache. It is designed to provide LIGHTNING FAST access to data.

Uses memory but also stores this data to disk. This helps with the absolute largest data sets volumes and provides data safety. Data can be stored in memory instead of a back-end application. This yields extremely high speeds for an extra competitive advantage. AtiveSpaces is designed to handle large volumes of data.

Data and Queries

Tibco ActiveSpaces is an ACID-compliant NoSQL Data Grid. Data can be accessed using a subset of the SQL language.

It provides:

Infrastructure and Components

Nodes can be added and removed dynamically while the system stays up and running. The hashing algorithm used is cutting edge and proprietary. TIBCO ActiveSpaces is less expensive than alternative solutions.

ActiveSpaces serves as an alternative or supplement to:

Tibco ActiveSpaces Community Edition Free Download

The community edition is free to download. You don’t even need to register before downloading.

It is great for:


Learn more here: TIBCO ActiveSpaces Documentation Background Artilce