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Arch Linux How to Install Fonts

Installing fonts on Arch Linux is easy. There are multiple different ways that you would normally do this.


You can install fonts with Pacman easily.

Search for fonts in the repo like this:

pacman -Ss font 
pacman -Ss ttf

Install fonts like this:

sudo pacman -S ttf-dejavu ttf-liberation noto-fonts

Manual Installation

You can also just manually place fonts here if you want them to be installed system wide:


Or here if you want them to only be accessible to one user:


Everyone will need to be able to read the fonts. Give them the correct permissions.

Files will need 0444
Directories will need 0555

You may need to run the following:


To give Xserver direct access to the fonts you will want to add a FontPath entry to your Xorg config file. This will be one of the following:


Apple fonts may come in dmg format. They can be unpacked with 7zip. For example you would unpack them like this:

7z x SF-Font.dmg