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Linux vs OSX vs Windows

They are all totally fine. Realisticly you can pretty much use any of these operating systems for most tasks. Anything you can do on one can probably be done on the other. For certain use cases you may have an easier time picking a specific system. That doesn’t mean the others won’t work, they just aren’t as commonly used. That or they aren’t supported quite as well. Personally I use all three of these on a daily basis.

You can still use Windows for servers, Linux for art, and OSX for games.

Interpret this however you like:

Linux OSX Windows
servers art games
flexible slick common

Linux On The Desktop? When?

Linux is already great on the desktop. It just isn’t as popular due to not being prepackaged with enough hardware. Marketing plays a role to a lesser degree. I feel like I can actually be more productive working on my day to day tasks when I’m using a Linux desktop. This is true for GNOME, KDE, XFCE, Cinnomen, or other graphical environments. I’m just not as productive with Windows and OSX.

Linux has been a great desktop choice since before I started using it way back in 2001. I’ve been running dual boxes since at least 2010 and I’m mostly fine just running Linux. Today, in 2020 people are less dependent on Microsoft Office making it even easier to just use Linux for everything. It also feels like today’s computing landscape is a whole lot more diverse. When you combine mobile platforms with the options available on the desktop today

Virtual Desktops

Windows and OSX are both late to the party. Linux has had this feature on more than one window manager for many years. Linux does a better job too.