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By Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesome Tech – Hardware Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

Are you happy and crazy for quality gaming? I’m a fanatic…. no joking here. In fact, I even go as far as to get the very best mother boards that I can get for my multiple devices, at the end of the day. I save up money, do my research, and do it…. I make the buy, and make it happen! And if you are like this, too, then you should read….. yes, please read this….

So first of all, this $350 mother board is known to be one of the very best in terms of mATX setups. Indeed, if you want to really build up some highly intricate, complicated ones of the best kind, and are good at that, then this should be the mother board that you pick for the job. It’s also got great networking, power and cooling, all in all… a solid mix of the three. And it will not crash on you in a tough spot, in most cases. This thing is built to last and built to serve!

Its Intel core processors are not cheap or basic, either…. not by any long stretch of thought. In fact, they’re not 10th Gen., in case you thought they were. They’re 12th Gen! From the 12th Generation, the best that you can get, is the best that you WILL get…. when buying a mother board like this one. ( And forget that it costs about $350 across the web…. that price is not bad, when thinking of what high – end, new – condition mother boards like to sell for…. which is many times more than this, in some cases…. you pay for what you get, right? ) .

And if you want to have your full system performance scanned and optimized on a regular basis, then you can easily rest assured in knowing that this mother board model will also get the job done…. its unique intel controls look at every single aspect of this from nearly every angle that they can, simultaneously. And they are ASUS – only, by the way, exclusive to ASUS and specialized for such a task! Very nice….

And did you know that you should not have to pull your hairs out worrying about quality cooling for long hours of play or extra strain from over – use in general? In fact, the cooling is no less behind on the times, either, fully up – to – date and using the best modern tech there is. It’s known to properly take all phase array and inductor heat and move it over to your heat sink, respectively, removing the pressure. Its built – in thermal pads are excellent in getting this done!

Plus, you get two very thick, very nice heat sinks with this item. Not bad, eh? Not bad, friend. So why aren’t you shopping for it right now?