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Third Party Review

By Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesome Tech – Hardware Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

This mother board fulfills many wishes of many gamers ( but it’s not your genie in a bottle, he he he heh ) . Let’s talk on it. Let’s break it down….

So first of all, you ought to know it can make your dreams come true if you want great sound for any great game in your collection —- it gives what’s known by some as “high - fidelity audio”, meaning, in a nutshell, superb sound altogether. Have you heard of codec? Well, it goes with that —- but not just with any codec…. no, no, no, no. It’s got ALC4080 codec, made possible with the ROG – only ( yes, exclusive to the ROG brand ) Supreme FX. It’s top – notch.

How about the amplifier on that sound feature? Yes, all this is also what it is thanks to the amazing Savitech SV3H712. Talk about a solid amplifier…. it’s top – of – the – line in innovation and durability, too.

And if you are wondering about it having RGB headers or not, rest assured —- it does have one right on it. It’s also got another three on it that are specifically Gen 2. …. nice, no? And these extra three just so happen to be ( I rhymed…. he he he heh…. did you notice that? You still reading this far down the page? Heh heh heh …. ) addressable. Can it get any better?

Well, yes it can! The design of the whole thing is just so user – friendly and nice, all in all. The I / O shield is pre – mounted to avoid issues, and not only that —- it’s got its own V – latch switch nearby, for added convenience. And in addition to all this, it’s got its very own deluxe ROG graphics card holder built right in ( fancy, fancy, fancy…. ) . And even more, it’s got its own Q – Connector and easy Q – Code display / access right there. Did I mention that, also, it can ( and yes, does, he he he heh ) function with BIOS FlashBack™, too? Very important to know.

And if you want proven “renowned software”, as even tech experts themselves have labeled it, then this is the product to get, once again…. it’s got it. And by “it”, I do mean a bundle subscription that you should shoot yourself in the foot for missing out on ( ouch ) : Something including AIDA64 Extreme ( the best in its class ) plus a UEFI BIOS dashboard that comes with…. get this… MemTest86 ALREADY INCLUDED. Hah. Wowza. The subscription included, initially, for the AIDA64 Extreme, by the way, holds for no less than a year… so a full year, to start, all included. Shabby enough?

Ooh, yeah! I think so. I think it’s worth a look. It’s worth a buy, if you’re up for it!