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Third Party Review

By Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesome Tech – Hardware Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

Want some great competitive hardware when it comes to a new mother board that’s too cool for its own good? No, literally…. it’s cooling is one of the best out there and is nothing but modern in look, feel ( yes, smell, too… if you want to really get technical about it, he he he heh heh… just smell that inner cooling fan doing its best work…. I’m kidding ) . Its amazing 2nd Gen. USB ports are not something we want to forget about either… they are there as a full set of four, spread out in different parts but each near to the others. Yes, you get four of them, and each is awesome, in other words ; they’re of the 3.2 kind, in case you were itching to ask. Three of these four are type A and the other is type C. So just keep that in mind…..

Also, the heat – sink on this thing is a full triple – decker, so you know they’re not messing around! And did I mention that it’s only $259, which is a steal of a deal? Yup, for mother boards, that’s good. Take my word for it, and save up and buy. And all the processors on it, by the way, are no less than 10th Gen. Intel. So that’s Intel at its finest.

And in addition to that, you will find that it also has got works with Intel’s Extreme Memory Profile ( otherwise known as EMP ) . So yes, if you were wondering if it’s EMP – compatible, it is. Now you know!

To add, it uses dual – channel memory as its architecture has been designed for that, making your storage process all the more complete ( not to mention quick and convenient, as I myself have witnessed ) .

Want to know what the max resolution is that it can get in terms of 60 Hz? I know you do. So ask me…. and I will tell you it’s 4096 x 2304 @60Hz…. I lie not.

When you think about that, those are some freakin’ great graphics support, to say the least. And when you play the most exhilirating action game, for instance, your heart will race ( as has mine, more than once…. true story, he he heh ) .

And if data rates is your concern and you want to still max it out as best you can, then know that it gets you up to 2.4 Gbps total. That’s not shabby for a mother board. I have seen a few better but I have also definitely seen a few get a max that is much worse…. so this is decently great.

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