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Third Party Review

By Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesome Tech – Hardware Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Another great product made by that one and only Rog brand, this mother board is here to kick ass as it takes names…. you’ve heard the expression, have you not? He heh. Heh…

For just $250, give or take, you can bring one home and feel the glory of its Intel Z370 as well as its 64 GB storage… all to help you keep track of what’s important when you’re gaming. And get this —- if you want to know the speed of its memory, in other words, how fast it can internally compute this (to not leave you waiting at all when you’re playing), then you’re looking at 2133 MHz. Solid.

Did you also know that it comes with some of the best water cooling headers in the business, designed to help it monitor all your water temperatures as well as flow? But wait…. that’s not all. You’ll really like what comes next….. it manages all such flow rates and temps WITHOUT the typical stand – alone controllers that I am sure you are so used to (as I was, he heh heh).

And, of course, as you guessed, it already works with the most recent and best Intel core (8th Gen., my friend, and nothing less… as well as being Windows 10 - compatible). And with USB 3.1 and HDMI 1.4B engaged, you can easily hook – up through one of multiple ports included on the mother board… this thing is literally loaded (and it makes you wonder how they were able to compact it all into such little space).

Guess what else you ought to check out? It uses nothing other than SUPREME FX for 8 – channel audio, making it only the best in sound connections altogether. And this all works with 2 special headphone amplifiers and not just one….? According to its reviews online, as well as its Amazon site (where you can buy it for the cheapest rates), this distinctively engages high – quality Japanese capacitors, too.

When you want to get some of the very best auto – tuning, by the way, then you can, too. It works through the 5 – way optimization feature it offers, not to mention alongside FanXpert 4. This all really helps when you find it hard to be able to simply just tailor your overclocking profiles AUTOMATICALLY. And to what, you might be asking? Tailoring them to the distinctive build that you are working with, of course!

Its AURA Sync RGB lighting is ideal and of the strongest, brightest kind out there. It will not fail you. It will not shut off either. It stays on and keeps lighting and powering up, just for you.

You get the best OC performance and cooling altogether. How can you beat that? Factor in all those benefits mentioned, and you’ll come to this as your conclusion. And it’s true…. this mother board RULES! So get one…