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Third Party Review

By Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesome Tech – Hardware Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

You know a great mother – board is just not a great mother – board without its Intel® Core™ processing potential, at the end of the day, don’t you? I hope so, gamer and tech fan. If not, that’s okay, because we all learn something new every single day ( I have been gaming forever, and am a nerd since I was born, practically, and I am still learning new stuff on a non – stop basis, he he he he he heh, so don’t beat yourself up about it, seriously… we all learn things we thought we’d never learn or make mistakes and learn from those, in ways we never thought we would, which is all a part of the great circle of life… just hear me singing the words to that Lion King song, as you read this, he he he he heh ) . So anyways, about that potential for powerful processing ( that p for p p , as some like to abbreviate… or the three p’s ) , this mother – board model works with… get ready for it….. 9TH AND 10TH GEN!

Yup. You know it : Both of these Intel® Core™ generation processors can work with this one, so whichever you are using for gaming, if it’s one of these two, keep it going… and it ought to adapt just fine. These two generations of Intel are perhaps two of the very best and most modern that you will come to find, and that certainly helps you when you decide to factor in certain things to the equation —- certain things, I mean, like, for instance, your speed and your connectivity overall. And of course, in reference to both, I do also include dual – natured benefits and features, which this mother – board sure as heck does have, such as M.2, USB ( of the 2nd Gen and 3.1 ) , LAN and more. So two are better than one, as you’ve heard before! In this case, truer words have never been spoken…. twice the power, twice durability, twice the potent sound output, and twice everything else!

So if you want to up your game and make gaming TWICE AS GOOD, than it was before, then this ought to be your next mother – board to buy for Christmas ( heck, buy for yourself or for someone you really love ) . Think about it. And with its HD audio, that will blow you away the moment that you hook – up, play your game and start listening in your seat. No lie. Install, play, and have fun! You will hear every little detail in your game as it comes to life right in front of you….

What are you thinking about now, if not buying one? Are you counting the cost? Let me tell you what that is, too — $ 380, give or take. Save up!